Saturday, August 2, 2014

Just want to say Thanks

On August 1, 2014, Mike Rosling and William Swint, a couple of experienced and well regarded ultra runners accompanied me on a circumnavigation of Mount Hood.  Without their help I wouldn't have started, and likely wouldn't have made it all the way around.

The main purpose of this blog entry, as it will be missing many details, is to say thanks for helping me make it around this magnificent mountain of Oregon.  Together you selflessly assisted me in traversing the challenging topography, guided me on the trail, and were always encouraging me to keep going.

You've made this one of the most memorable run / hike adventures I've ever done.

I do apologize for my slow time (18 hours 34 minutes).  I know you both could have gone a lot faster, but you took the time to wait for me and made this experience possible.

Here's what we did...
18 hours and 45 minutes to traverse approximately 43 miles and cover about 10K-12K feet of elevation gain.

William during a water and food break
Mike and William sterilizing the water

The route in general, missing a few minor detours...

Where we needed to go
Mike, on his way down to Eliot Creek
...and the ascent route up the other side

Beautiful Scenary - The backside of Mount Hood
Always working together
William and Mike heading across some "open" trail


Ramona Falls
Early in the run, awesome views all day long

I was exhausted, nauseous, and very slow at the end- but ultimately a memorable and satisfying challenge.

Thanks again to both of you...  I couldn't have asked for nicer or more capable people to share this with.

P.S.  Mike, yes, this was the toughest run I've ever done... Although the last 10 miles for me was more of a slow trudge